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Ames Family  Mrs. William H. Ames with footman at the rear door of "Springhill", Elm St. North Easton 
Ames Family  Miss Mary C. Ames daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. Lothrope Ames with family chauffer, 1938 
Ames Family  House Servants at Stonehouse Hill, estate of F. Lothrop Ames, 1914 
Ames Family  Groundskeepers for the estate of Governor Oliver Ames, circa 1900 
Ames Family  Mrs. Anna C. Ames, wife of Governor Oliver Ames, with her chauffer, about 1910. 
Ames Family  Mrs. Hobart Ames With Coachman Timoth Regan. 
Buildings  Ames Library 

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